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Welcome to our “about us” page. Our goal is to provide helpful resources, tools, tips, and inspiration gained from our experience in re-proportioning our work-life balance. If you’re like us and feel that 2 week vacations are just not enough, and are feeling like you’re on autopilot watching time fly by at an ever-quickening pace, then you’ve come to the right place!


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By prioritizing our time and money we’ve been able to balance work with our passion for long term travel for the last 15 years. We hope you can experience the same freedoms that we have by making some changes and shirking the unwritten rules that society has put on us. We call it being “unstatusfied.” By letting go of the status quo we now enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Putting the pieces together for freedom is daunting enough but when you are feeling stuck and unfulfilled it is feels impossible on your own. But here’s the thing, it’s actually attainable. It’s not some pipe dream or something that only “other” people can do. Learn from our successes and mistakes while striving for our work-life balance. We want this for you!! We take great joy in providing every tool and resource we have to help you break the cycle. From unstatusfied you will get useful tips and information about employment, budgeting and travel that support a long term travel lifestyle.

Isn’t it time you started living for yourself?


Wanna get inspired?

We’ve included some of our recent posts below that we think will help inspire you in finding a better, more fulfilling work-life balance. You can find more travel inspiration by checking out our complete list of blog posts on our homepage.


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